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At BFF we offer premium pet meals made with love and good quality human grade ingredients. Order online and give your pets the nourishment they deserve.

Our meals have no additives, no preservatives and are nutritionally balanced.

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fresh local dog food made with human grade ingredients

Our Philosophy

We believe that every dog, just like us humans, should have access to fresh and nourishing food. We are committed to making this a reality for all the furry friends within our community.

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  • Single protein bowls

    Multi Protein Bowls

    3-4 different meat protein sources provided in rotation for robust gut microbiology. Perfect for dogs without allergies or specific requirements. Typical weekly supply consists of our beef, chicken and lamb bowls.

    Check out our cooked multi protein bowl 
  • Single protein bowls

    Single Protein Recipes

    Select a single meat protein source if your pet is has certain known allergies. You'll be able to simplify diet and provides consistency to your otherwise fussy pet.

    Check out our cooked single protein bowl 
  • Allergy Support

    Coming soon!

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How it Works

  • Select Meal

    Browse through our selection of nutritious and delicious pet meals. Once you've made your selection, simply add to cart and proceed to checkout. Don't forget to enter the promo code "BFF10" to get 10% off for a limited time only.

  • Place Order

    If you register for a subscription, we will provide fortnightly supply to you so you don't have to worry about your furry baby's daily meals ever again.

    If you order a once off weekly pack, we will endeavour to send out the meal pack to you at the earliest.

  • Sit Back And Relax

    Allow our expert pet chefs and nutritionists to prepare each meal with love and care. You can relax while we prepare the meals with only the best, premium human grade ingredients, carefully selected to meet the nutritional needs of your beloved pet.

  • fresh local dog food made with human grade ingredients

    Receive Meals

    Receive your pet's meals every fortnight straight to your doorstep. You will never have to worry about your fur baby going hungry.

    Watch as they demolish the yummy meals.

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Try Our Discounted Trial Pack

To help you transition to fresh food, we have created a trial pack that lets you try our meals before you commit to a subscription.

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Pet Meal FAQs: Find the Answers You're Looking For!

What sets Brunswick Fur Food from other brands?

Our gently cooked pet meals are crafted with only human-grade ingredients. The contain no additives or preservatives. At BFF We prioritize quality and nutrition that supports their overall health and well-being.

How do I set up a subscription for Brunswick Fur Food?

Subscriptions are a convenient way of organising your pet's daily meals.

Subscriptions can be set up upon checkout, you can simply select the option to subscribe.

The price on all products drops by 5% when you choose to subscribe. Subscriptions can be cancelled/paused anytime.

How can I transition my dog to Brunswick Fur Food?

Transitioning often depends on what you have been feeding your dog. If your pup has been eating gently cooked meals, then the transition will be quick.

In other cases we recommend a gentle transition, that is why we recommend starting with a trial pack to get your pup used to the new food.

Are our pet meals customizable?

Absolutely! We understand that every pet is unique, which is why we offer customizable meal options. You can choose from a variety of proteins, and size options.

Besides, we provide convenient delivery options that will work for you.

How do we support pet health?

We strive to provide balanced and nutritious meals that support optimal pet health. Our meals are carefully formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of pets, promoting healthy digestion, shiny coats, and strong immune systems.