Why does your dog need fresh food

Commercial kibble is effectively junk food, would you eat junk food every day? Freshly cooked meals elevate your pet's health to another level. It makes them want to eat the food with excitement everyday. 

Nutrient rich

Fresh food is nutrient dense, and takes care of their nutriotional needs

Good health

Dogs on a balanced fresh food diet are healthier with lower levels of GI issues

Strengthens immunity

A good diet improves their immunity and you'll notice shinier coat and less farty smells

Human grade ingredients

Pet grade meat has much lower control standards compared to human-grade, look it up for yourself

Try Our Starter Pack
BFF Weekly Starter Pack - $ 3 /day (40% off)
BFF Weekly Starter Pack - $ 3 /day (40% off)

BFF Weekly Starter Pack - $ 3 /day (40% off)


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What you get when you order a Meal plan - each meal plan includes 7 meal packs for each day of the week. The meal size selected by you indicates the size of individual packets. 

This is a starter trial product to help you choose the right meal for your dog. Take a whopping 40% discount on the weekly pack, to help you choose the right meal in a cost effective way.  All our meals contain

- High-quality, protein-rich muscle meats from chicken, beef, or lamb forms bulk of the meals (~45-50%) this is essential for your pet's muscle development and overall health

- We add ~10% organ meat, absolutely vital for providing essential nutrients

- Eggs form ~10% of the meals

- Fruits and veggies make up 20-25% of the meals

- Carbs in the form of quinoa, or brown rice makes up ~5% of every meal

- Some super foods like flaxseed, hempseed, psyllium husk form rest of the recipe


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Nutritional Facts

Gently cooked using best local ingredients, Bruswick Fur Food provides the most balanced nutrition. We use only human grade meat in the meals we prepare. 

Moisture content

Pet Parent testimonials

We are grateful to pet parents who have chosen our meals for their fur babies. We glad to see them happy with the transformation.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that every dog, just like us humans, should have access to fresh and nourishing food. We are committed to making this a reality for all the furry friends within our community.

See the transformation for yourself

With your fur baby eating healthy nutritious food, the transformation you will see will be astounding. We are so confident that within a few weeks you will see changes in your dog that we are giving one week away for free

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